1st Year (Level 4)

  1. Criminal Law

This module examines general principles of criminal liability, a range of fatal and non-fatal offences against the person and selected offences against property

  1. Contract Law

This module introduces you to the principles of contract at common law in equity and helps you to understand how these principles are applied to agreements.

  1. Public Law

This module focuses on constitutional issues and reform; it analyses key issues governing the relations between citizens and the state.

  1. Legal System and Method

This module introduces the English legal system and conveys what is distinctive about the common law approach as a legal methodology.

2nd Year (Level 5)

  1. Tort Law

This module introduces you to the organizing principles of tort law, such as damage, fault, and vicarious liability.

  1. Property Law

This module centres on various interests what can exist in land, principles governing the creation, transfer and extinction of these interests.

  1. International Protection of Human Rights

This module examines the protection afforded to individuals, the concepts and principles which underpin the law of international human rights.

  1. European Union Law (Optional)

This module examines the workings of the European Union and its laws. I will appeal to students who enjoy public law and who have an interest in public affairs, politics, economics and international relations.

3rd Year (Level 6)

  1. Jurisprudence and Legal Theory

This module examines the nature of law, its place in society and how a legal system operates as a system of rules.

  1. Law of Equity and Trusts

Equity and Trusts deals with the rules and principles governing the creation and operation of trusts – a particular method of holding property

  1. Conflict of Laws

Also known as private international law, this is the body of rules applied by the English courts to cases with a foreign element.

  1. Introduction to Islamic Law

Gain an overview of Islamic law, the religious and historical foundations of Islamic Law and its application in contemporary jurisdiction.

  1. Dissertation (Optional) >>

This module provides an opportunity to undertake in-depth legal/sociolegal research for a 10,000-word dissertation.