Life at ILC/ Events


  • Supreme Court and High Court Visits

ILC arranges mandatory Supreme Court visits during the course of the year in which the students witness high profile court proceedings. Students learn the mannerisms of the court and therefore making them more confident and willing to interact and ask questions, a key feature in learning how to network. Moreover, the students are introduced to the Justices of the Supreme Court.

The trip also includes a tour of the largest library of the Supreme Court, where students are taught how to research a case or law in Pakistani Law Journals, an important skill in a young lawyer. They informally interact with lawyers who are present there too. Lastly, a private tour of the Supreme Court Museum is given to our students where the legal history of Pakistan is briefly explained with the exhibition of old legal documentations and artifacts and memorabilia of the first justices of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Similarly, ILC arranges trips to the High Court of Pakistan to teach them the criminal law and civil law court proceedings.  This includes tour of the court rooms; visit with the judges as well as interactions sessions with the senior lawyers. This too builds up the confidence of our students, thereby leading them up onto their roads to excellence.

  • Mock Trials & Mooting

ILC hosts Termly Mock Trials at the campus internally as well as nationally. The two sets of mock trials are of A-levels and LLB in which the case is prepared by the teams and presented specific with regards to the formalities and procedural issues.

The Mooting culture at our Institute is also Termly with an exception of Jessup which happens every year. The topics of those mootings are based on real life issues that are evident in the news or current affairs of either the government or private sector.  In addition to this, ILC takes part in national Mootings hosted by other Institutions of Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Lahore. Our Jessup team is handpicked by the students of ILC based on their legal research skills, their communicative stills and their ability to rebut the points. In the 5 years that ILC has been in existence, ILC has had a Jessup team for 4 out of those years that have done very well.


  • Guest Lectures

ILC organizes Guest Lectures for their students, bimonthly. ILC invites individuals of every background, specifically on topics of current affairs, current cases and current dilemmas such as the Kashmir Issue, Transgender Rights in Pakistan, Sexual Harassment in Pakistan, Rape and its procedural and evidential elements, CPEC, Revamping of the Criminal Justice System of Pakistan, Cyber Crime Laws, working on the prosecutorial practices in the US, international Humanitarian Law and so on.

Some of our esteemed guests in the past have been Mr. Bakr Attiyani (Veteran Journalist and Editor in Chief of Arab News), Late Barrister Masroor Shah (Advocate Supreme Court), Barrister Afzal Hussain (Adv Supreme Court), Judge Majid Bashir (Partner at ABS & Co), Don Calvert (Former Legal Advisor to US Embassy), Brian Havey (Current Legal Advisor to the US Embassy), Barrister Sabswari (Adv Supreme Court), Adv Daniyal Hassan, Adv Dilawar Khan, John Vaudreuil (Public Prosecutor, US Embassy), Maj Gen (R) Dr. Zahir Shah.


  • Mandatory Internship Programmes

The students of ILC are placed in mandatory internship Programmes in the summer holidays or the winter holidays. The internships are at law firms, ministries, courts under the wing of an Advocate of the High Court or at other companies for in-house corporate experience. ILC has 22 law firms on our panel with signed MOU’s that enable us to place the students in these prestigious 3 to 6-week internships.

The students learn different areas of the law, such as civil, criminal, constitutional and different aspects of being a lawyer: litigation, in-house, drafting, filing, reading complicated documents such as the FIR and procedural rules of the court proceedings. These skills are mandatory to learn as they integrate the student into the practical life of being a lawyer.


  • Legal Practitioners Guidance Course

ILC provides its students with the guidance for the Legal Practitioners Guidance Course which is mandatory for the Pakistani government’s requirement in order to obtain a License to practice in the courts of Pakistan.

It is a requirement both for the Pakistani LLB graduates as well as non-Pakistani LLB graduates.


  • Welcome and Farewell

ILC hosts Welcome parties for its new students and Farewell Dinners for its graduating batches. The themes of this vary each year; Qawali Nights, Night Under the Stars, Winter Wonderland.


  • Annual Trips

ILC arranges annual trips where the students are taken on day or night trips outside of the Islamabad such as the Chinar Golf Club, Murree etc. The trips provide the students to relax and unwind from their busy study schedule.