Roha Tahir

Studying at ILC has been a rewarding experience. I achieved a Distinction in International Protection of Human Rights. I had the opportunity to go to a once in a lifetime internship opportunity at ISAAC in which I went to Turkey for a period of 3 weeks. I was constantly motivated to enhance my intellect by immensely competent and supportive faculty. After graduating, I have been placed by ILC as a Junior Associate at the Prestigious Firm called ABS and Co, practicing a variety of different types of cases.

Moghees Mahroof

ILC helped me achieve the professional and academic acumen to complete my degree with distinctions and secure a job at Lloyds Bank England immediately after my graduation. I have, moreover worked at Barclays Bank as a Case Manager while completing my LLM from Leeds University, managing the banking/ customer services department. At the moment, I am a legal advisor to a telecommunications company.

Ali Abdul Rehman

ILC provided me with ample opportunities to inculcate professionalism which helped me achieve multiple distinctions in my LLB Hons Degree as well as succeed in CSS with a great result. I am currently qualified in Pakistan’s civil service exam and am now part of the Office Management Group. I am currently working in the Federal Law and Justice Division, overlooking some highly vital constitutional cases as well as the appointment of the state’s attorneys in the high courts.

Barrister Momin Toufiq

It was one of the best decisions to join ILC, as it provided me with a lot of opportunities to improve my advocacy skills. After achieving high results, I secured a Scholarship for Bar at Law from Lincoln’s Inn, UK. Currently i am working as an associate at RIAA Barker Gillette.

Hamza Wajid

At ILC I became a part of a culture which promoted development of legal advocacy. It helped me greatly exceed during my practice at law and achieve junior associate at Orr, Dignam and Co at a very young age.

Mahnoor Sultan

ILC helps you incorporate into a fine network of young professionals that helps you immensely build a professional legal career soon after graduation. It is incredible the kind of exposure that I received in terms of academics as well as professionalism while studying at ILC.

Zainab Malik

After graduating from ILC, I had interned with a renowned female lawyer who guided me in practicing the Law in a socially difficult place such as Pakistan. I practiced family law and other civil litigation. After that, I got the opportunity to teach at ILC. This opportunity has been very helpful in my career. At the moment, I am practicing government litigation with the Ministry of Law under the direct guidance of the secretary.

Chaudhry Bilawal Ali

After graduating with honors under the patronage of Ma’am Anum Abbasi, I interned with Sardar Abdul Raziq Khan Law associates for experience and practical understanding. Upon receiving my license from Punjab Bar Council, I went on to establishing my very own Law Firm with the name of KBL. Furthermore, I am also on the legal panel of National Highway Authority whereby my duty is to perform various legal tasks pertaining to procurements across country.

Khizer Khan

I was provided with ample mooting, advocacy and debating opportunities both nationally and internationally at ILC. This helped me along with their Legal Practitioner’s Guidance Course to get a grip of law at an early stage. Two years after my graduation, I am a proud owner of my own law firm: The K&B Associates.

Salman Haider

After graduating from ILC for my LLB, I knew I was to either become a judge or do CSS. The professionalism and trust that ILC has taught me has broadened my horizons and I simultaneously gave the exams for being a Judge, successfully completed my LLM with 3 Distinctions and 8 Merits and 5 Credits and now am studying at full swing to give the CSS Examinations.

Solicitor Ayesha Sajjad

After completing my LLB Hons from ILC, I started working at Afshan Ghazanfar Law Firm in which she was a steady guiding hand. I then went to England to do my Master’s Degree from the University of Law in Immigration Law with Legal Practice Course. During my time in London I worked pro bono for Amnesty International, Vacation Schemes at Legal Cheeks and did internship with Clifford Chance. I currently am a junior associate working in Jamal and Pasha, working in the High Court in Family Cases, Immigration Law and as a consultant for students.

Wajeeh Hassan Pasha

I have worked in Litigation in a number of different law firms practicing Civil as well and Criminal Law, upon completing my LLB from ILC. I have also worked during this time under the direct patronage of Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court. I am an advocate of the high court and am a third generation lawyer. I have served as a research associate to Additional Advocate General Punjab Lahore High Court. In addition to this, I am a part time teacher in the University of London Programmes in the Twin Cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Currently, I have initiated my Law Firm with the name of Jamal and Pasha thus being the Partner who deals with the Civil Side of the Firm. In specific I litigate the Intellectual Property, Corporate, Civil, Family and Partnership

Somaiyya Saad

After graduating my LLB Hons from University of London, with the direct guidance of ILC, I was placed into an Internship at ABS & Co, one of the 22 law firms that are on ILC’s panel. The transition of my LLB into the practical life was so swift, just because of the exposure that I had received within my LLB at ILC. In specific, I was placed in internships within Pakistan as well as In Singapore which broadened by ability to draft, my communication skills, my networking skills and my mooting’s. Moreover, I was one of the leading members of the Jessup Competition on behalf of ILC two years in a row. It has given me the ability to know that being a lawyer is my destiny; it is what I was born to do.

Beenish Qadir

into the campus with a goal to excel in my legal studies and I am very happy to be graduating with excellent scores. With the help of the highly trained faculty, I managed to score a world distinction in Public Law at 76 marks, and a very high distinction in Laws Dissertation at 85 marks, and graduated with a strong Upper Second Class overall. I was also awarded the Youth Award 2021 for my achievements during LLB. The Institute has also been helping me complete applications for my Masters from reputable universities abroad. I would definitely recommend ILC to the freshers in the field for an enriching and fulfilling experience!

Saira Anwar

ILC has been a great support throughout my legal education and it has groomed me to become the individual I am today. It has proven to be one of the few institutions who keep the interests of the students above all else when I had moved to Canada in my final year and gave the toughest exams in the course of my degree.

Abdullah Bin Haroon

The success of any school can be measured by the contribution the alumni make to the nation. ILC has given me that platform. From debates to court visits and guest lectures, this institute has helped groom me at every step of the way providing a nurturing study environment. Furthermore, studying under the best lecturers available has been an amazing experience. ILC has further opened the door for its’ students providing jobs and internship opportunities in the future helping students to fit into Pakistan’s legal system and to find out what they wish to do. ILC helped me achieve both professional and academic acuity to not only complete my LLB Programmes with a Distinction in Islamic Law but also has allowed me to join a very prestigious law firm and work as a lecturer teaching first and second year LLB students immediately after graduation.

Ali Lughmani

ILC has been a helping hand throughout my degree. I was placed in several internships during my degree. ILC ensures job interviews for its students and thereby immediately after graduating from my LLB Degree I was shortlisted for the Faculty Administrator at the ILC Campus in Peshawar. These past 6 months have been an educative challenge for me and has groomed me into cooping with the work life from a very early stage. Usman Lughmani Life at the institute of law and criminology is without a doubt a walk to remember. After graduating from the Institute I went on ahead with corporate/commercial practice. With having prior experience of the legal industry for 2+ years with 2 established law firms, I was taken on board by an international law firm, Spencer West LLP. Since my graduation, I have successfully qualified as a Practicing Advocate and a member young arbitrator at London Centre for International Arbitration (LCIA) & Centre for International Investment and Commercial Arbitration (CIICA) . Furthermore after completing my LL.B, I have attained a post graduate diploma in Public Accountancy from the Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Pakistan (ICPAP), several certifications in business & Economics from Asian Development Bank Institution (ADBI) and International business management institute of BERLIN, Germany (IBMI) and Human resource management from Alison Virtual learning Platform. I am in the process of attaining my Alternate Dispute Resolution and Mediation license from ADR-ODR International and Solicitor’s license from the UK in the coming years. One thing that I have learned and that I continue to learn is that we can never have too many qualifications, there’s always more to retain and progress in our fields of interest.